Sunday, January 20, 2013

DJ Turpentine Music Blog Go!

Just starting a small little blog here (conveniently coinciding with the launch of Mega) to spread some interesting music around and see where it goes. I'll be picking albums from my collection more-or-less randomly, though I won't share any really well-known or easy-to-get-elsewhere stuff. This is more for getting that one album that you can't find anywhere else out for the world to listen to. It'll also be mostly older stuff: the kind of stuff from a band long since broken up or finished, that won't feel the lack of sales as much (I try to not be that terrible of a person.)

I do take my collection seriously, though; you can be sure that every album will include album art, have completely correct tags, and will generally be >192kbps (though even I can only get what I can).

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