Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mission of Burma - ONoffON [2004]

Mission of Burma is a post-punk band with an interesting story. They started up with an EP in 1981 and a full album in 1982, and then just kind of disappeared due to front-man Roger Miller's growing tinnitus. And suddenly, in the decades of absence that followed their break-up, they exploded in popularity. Critics point to their album Vs. as being a critical turning point in independent music, and bands along the lines of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Pixies, Fugazi, and Yo La Tengo have cited Mission of Burma as inspiration for their music. Oh yeah, and in 2009, the city of Boston (where they started) declared October 4 to be "Mission of Burma Day". Nineteen years later, out of nowhere, they start up again, and release ONoffON, and have since gone on to make three more albums. Their age (and maturity) shows, as ONoffON is cleaner and less abrasive than their first album, but their musical ingenuity is ever-present.

Released: May 4, 2004
Genre: Post-punk, indie rock
Length: 53:22
Label: Matador Records

Bit Rate: Variable (avg: 236.5kbps)
Mission of Burma - ONoffON [2004]


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